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My name is Steve Bilzi and I am your Republican candidate for New Hanover County Board of Education.

Our children are our greatest treasures and best hope for our future. That is why I have dedicated my entire adult life to better education for all American children.

Our schools and, indeed, the nation are at a crossroads. We spend more per student than any other nation only continue lose ground to those nations in every measurable academic criterion.

We’ve seen our schools move our children to more and more of a social and humanities education, and they’re just not prepared for high-level professions. For example, America now has to import many of our engineers. In this rapidly changing world, our schools must offer an education that is challenging and relevant to all students which includes more of a focus on math, science and technology. We must also maximize our digital investment in education, adopting the tools that our children not only embrace but will need to master in order to succeed in this digital age.

I ask for your vote on May 8 as a candidate for your board of education. I believe I was successful during my past tenure and can continue to provide the leadership necessary to move our schools forward, ensuring our children can compete and advance in the global market place.

I believe I bring a unique mix of talents as an experienced former school board member and chairman, a former HS science teacher, a scientist, technical consultant and a successful employer and businessman. My hands-on approach to governing is evident in the advances made during my previous tenure on your board and through my non-political pursuits.

Not just an advocate, I am also an innovator in public education. For example, I made the motion, found the model, and shepherded the creation of the Lake Forest Academy.

As I mentioned, I have devoted my life to education. I have also been PTA president , an active parent and volunteer, and a football coach, for example. I have brought my passion to every area every day with all my energy. My five children have attended our schools and have achieved success as a result of this active involvement. Your children can, too. Vote for Steve Bilzi on May 8 and we will, together, bring our schools back to the forefront of the world's best systems.

As you are viewing this page, I'm sure you are as serious about public schools as I am. Please take a moment to review the information presented in the link tabs to the left. I'm sure you will be satisfied that I not only represent your interests, but also am your most experienced, passionate, and qualified candidate for New Hanover County Board of Education.

God bless you and your children,

Steve Bilzi
Candidate for New Hanover County Board of Education


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